“I turned to Marian at a spectacularly challenging time in my life. I appeared to be coping well with enormous grief and loss but feared that I would disintegrate under its weight at some point.

In 5 sessions Marian helped me understand more about the process of grieving and how it is, and must be, different for everybody.  

More importantly, she allowed me to accept that my way of getting through was right for me.

Marian has a compassionate stillness and calm. In addition, she was able to help me to faced difficult feelings with gentle questioning. Our time together provided me with the perfect blend of support and challenge.

And it is comforting to know that if and when I need to talk some more, she will be there for me.

Thank you”

“Marian has been an amazing help for me. She’s listened to me and showed a lot of compassion. She truly cares for her patients and she has given me invaluable advice in all the problems I shared with her. I feel much stronger and positive after working with Marian and I honestly recommend her, if you’re looking for someone who will genuinely care and guide you!”

I had weekly online counselling sessions with Marian for a few months at the start of the year. It has been invaluable. Marian is compassionate and understanding and she has helped me to explore and overcome some challenging issues in a safe space.

Many years ago, as a child, I had a negative experience with counselling and was reluctant to speak to a counsellor again. However, with Marian’s gentle guidance, we took the time to explore my anxieties and nervousness and I felt confident in continuing with our sessions. Thank you!