about counselling

Counselling is a safe, supportive place for you to take time for you. I believe firmly that we can all benefit from looking within and getting to know ourselves more. Life throws challenges our way and at times we need the support of others to cope with those challenges. My role, as counsellor, is to support you and listen to you, helping you to develop your own resilience and ability to accept yourself. I offer a warm presence and a willingness to journey alongside you.

There are many reasons you might decide to seek counselling. Maybe you are feeling low and as if you have lost your spark. It could be that you have had a difficult situation or event that you need help with coping with. You may be suffering from anxiety or depression or having relationship difficulties. Maybe you are neurodivergent, or wondering if you might be, and finding challenges navigating a neurotypical world. Perhaps you are interested in self development, or are on your own journey training to become a counsellor. Any and all of these, as well as many other reasons, may have led you to my website. If you are interested in talking to me, please do get in touch. I look forward to meeting you.

Online or in person?

Traditionally, counselling is in person. My initial training and work was in person. I have taken an extra qualification in online counselling. I offer both online and in person counselling in Edinburgh.

Working online has differences and similarities to in person counselling. You don’t need to travel. Effective, high quality and therapeutic work is possible online. It is worth thinking about your space and time. Before a counselling session, when you might have been travelling to an in person appointment, it may be worth taking some time to reflect on how you are and what you would like to use the session for. After the session, when you may have otherwise been travelling, it is good if you can give yourself some time and space to transition back to your everyday activities, especially if difficult emotions come up during the session.